QE Services Brokers Insurance

We do not want to sell you a policy, we want you to buy one. In order for you to do that in complete confidence, you need to have all the information, this is why using a broker or intermediary is so very important. We can provide answers to all of your questions and offer the right advice.

Insurance is something we would rather not have to purchase, it is an expense that eats into our monthly budget.

We understand this, we understand the escalating costs of living and the purchases that we make. The loss of these purchases can often hit us hard too. This is why we strive to ensure that your insurance expense represents real value, that you are not paying too much for too little or the other way around.

Our methodology is to shop around on your behalf, we are not a “fast food” brokerage, we take our time. We would rather “ GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME ”

We deal with the very best insurance companies who are well established and are financially stable, they understand how we work as a brokerage and what we want for our clients, this in turn helps us to give you the client, what you want.

We can cover your vehicles, your home, your home contents, your personal items and any business or commercial requirements. We also do event insurance and many specialist insurances such as B&B and Factory and industrial.

Call us, mail us, fax us.

We will get right on it, we promise.