QE Service Brokers Medical Aid

Have you seen the cost of medical care today?

Hospitals, pharmacies, specialists and even the family doctor cost a fortune.

Medical aid is there to prevent financial loss due to medical events and to provide day-to-day medical cover.

Thankfully, we have the Council for Medical Schemes that regulate the industry and ensure that medical schemes offer a wide choice of plans to suit every need. We know the industry very well, having been involved for more than 20 years. The best and most affordable products are on offer and we analyse your needs to find the most suitable match.

There is a wide choice from hospital-only cover to full-on medical aid plans from a number of first-class suppliers. We offer choice as we are independent, and honest advice as to suitability. Commissions are regulated in the industry and we do not charge broker fees for our services.

Health is high on our list of priorities for our clients, we strive to give our clients the most cost-effective solution for their health needs. At the same time, we will not recommend products that are not suitable for your needs. Like everything else we do, we are serious about our business.