QE Servcie Brokers How, when, where, what?

Having a relationship with a qualified financial planner is one of the best investments you can make. South Africans, in a recent survey, were pointed out as having very little understanding of financial products and were adverse to saving for retirement or for planning in the event of death or disablement.

Talk to us, we do not believe in hard sales. We do believe in engaging with the client to provide solutions, we are solutions driven.

There are many aspects to consider when financial planning, how much cover do we buy, how much do we save, where do we invest and how do we pay for it. An honest straight forward relationship with your financial adviser will assist you in your decision making. We can make sure your decisions are made on an informed basis.

Business can be complicated, not only do you have a million aspects to consider, but the insurances also need to be taken care of.

Provident or pension fund, cover for life or disablement, buy and sell agreements or key man insurance, the list seems endless. All business should be done on a fair and equitable basis that benefits both employee and employer and extends to protect both employer and employee.

Our services will give you a choice of options and a wide scope of information from which to base your decisions. We work hand in hand with HR departments and take away a lot of the hassles of the day to day administration, it’s what we do and our employer groups love us for it.

We are also very innovative and carry a range of stand alone benefit products such as funeral cover and our unique road accident fund cover.

Drop us a line, we will call you.